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Photo ID Systems

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Wanda-lam's high quality identification systems produce color photo id cards in minutes. fast, dependable, easy to use— Wanda-lam builds in the features you need for efficiency and error-free operation
Price Quantity
System ID2000 Photo ID System $995.00
A high quality ID system that produces beautiful color ID cards in minutes. The speed, accuracy, and ease of use of the ID2000 makes it perfect for mid-sized facilities.

This set, item #ID111240 , includes the ID400 Photo ID camera and pedastal, the HL-4 laminator, and a
C-IH die cutter. You get all this for a special package price

System ID2500 Photo ID System $1145.00
This system is similar to the ID2000 featured above, but features an upgrade to the LX12 laminator. This is item #ID111245 and its yours for a special package discount.

Also available: the LX400 ID camera alone. Please call for pricing...

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